1.) I’m an Albatraoz // AronChupa

This song is produced by a Swedish DJ who mostly uses club beats for his songs. “I’m an Albatraoz” is a song that will definitely get you out of the dumps. Its bouncy beats and happy tune will turn that frown upside down. A heads up for the song is that it does contain some explicit lyrics, but they are very undetectable. This song is perfect for parties, clubbing, and jam outs in the shower.

2.) Tokyo Narita (freestyle) // Halsey, Lido

This song is the most recent song released by Halsey and her close friend Lido. It is a very short and quiet freestyle by Halsey, and it expresses a small story between a couple. “Tokyo Narita” actually reminded me of a balled, the way it tells a story through soft beats. Overall this song is a great listen and its nice to vibe or sleep to.

3.) Middle Finger // Bohnes

This song is by the lead singer of The Cab, Alex Deleon. “Middle Finger” has a very rebellious and angsty sound to it. It is perfect for the moments where you feel like the entire world is against you. Give this song a listen for hyped and encouraging feel!! Have fun air guitaring to this punky song 🙂



Sweaty bodies of running mascaras and rejected hearts

pervade the floor of grinding and stripping.

Drowning thoughts of suicide and self-hatred

in drinks of wanderlust.

Forgetting failures and broken promises

through pills of stardust.

Garish beats encircle the youths,

blaring out the remnants of humanity.

All that is left are the animalistic vibes of a caveman

who is required to survive the evils of life.

Now all that remains

are teenagers turned adults.


Venza xx